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We have a wide range of videos available for 4D, 5D™,6D™ and Premier+™ software and a special category containing videos related to various versions of Windows. All of these videos are free. We normally post a new video each month that demonstrates a new technique or explains how to use one or more of the various tools found in your software. All new videos are based on the latest version of the software available. The videos are grouped by software version. Each video will be marked in its description as being applicable for the various versions of the software. Some videos, for example the Mystery of Motifs video, contains information that is identical in both the 4D, 5D™, and 6D™versions of the software. Along with a link to watch each video, there is an accompanying link you can use to download the video in PDF format to save on your own computer or to share with friends. These videos may not be sold to anyone under any circumstances.

Our Work-With-Me videos consist of small projects that result in the creation of a particular project using one or more of the modules in the 6D Premiere software. These videos are NOT DOWN AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD.

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